Who We Are

We are invested in long-life, high-quality assets and businesses that form the backbone of today’s global economy.

Our approach to investing stems from our heritage as an owner and operator, investing our own capital to develop and operate the assets and businesses we acquire.

Today we build on that expertise in sectors where our operating experience gives us a competitive advantage. Experience has also taught us that the best opportunities are often found in regions or sectors undergoing periods of financial or operational challenge. We are utilizing  our team and top realtors in hyderabad investment professionals, network of hundreds operating employees, and our industry partners to identify and acquire high-quality assets and businesses at favorable valuations and finance them on a long-term, low-risk basis.

To ensure that our interests are aligned with our investors’, we put our own capital to work alongside theirs in nearly every deal we do, bringing the strengths of our global reach, large-scale capital and operating expertise to bear on all our investments.

Operational expertise

We started as Dealers and operators of real assets, and as our business is evolving, we continue to use our operational expertise to enhance cash flows, increase the value of our underlying assets and produce solid long-term returns for our investors.

Our presence

With a presence in Hyderabad city and we are exploring towards other cities of Our Telugu States.

Significant capital and the size of our balance sheet allow us to pursue transactions few others are able to consider.


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