Nature Avenues Sandalwood Farms - Utpalle, Narayankhed

Price: Rs. 918 per SqYard
Price: Rs. 1074 per SqYard
Plot Size: 363 SqYards Onwards
Sri Gandham Plants
Red Sandalwood
Heartwood - Red Sandalwood

About ChanDANA Gardens


Project Located at Just 15 min away from Narayankhed at Utpalle  Village, With a Pleasant Lush Green Atmosphere. The Project Located 120km away from Hyderabad.


Every Plot comes up with The Highly Profitable Crops Such as Red Sandalwood and Sri Gandham Plants. Along With 8 Varieties Of Fruit Plants are Planted

Price & Plot Sizes

Rs. 918/SqYard Onwards. Offering at Very Low Price which can be Afforded by Poor to Rich Class People, Plot Size: 363 SqYards Onwards. 

Location Highlights

Project Highlights

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Club House, Swimming Pool, Parks, Children Play area, Parks, Indoor and Outdoor Games.

Farm house & Cottages

Build a Beautiful Farm house/Cottages. Spend your Joyful Vacations here. River Bank View

Safe | Secure

24/7 Security | Maintenance Staff | CCTV Surveillance | Security Guards | Hotel & Bar


Plot Every Plot Owner is a Proud Member Of Resort*. Get Now Free life Time Membership Free by Paying Rs. 30,000 (worth Rs. 60,000)

Why To Invest In Nature Avenues? A Proud Land Owner

Never Before – Never After.   Little Investment – Huge Returns. Become A Proud Land Owner Today For Your Children’s Bright Career. Take Advantage Of EMI SCHEME Today.  Hurry Up – Fastest Selling Project

Your Returns

Land Appreciation

In India In Every 3-5 Years the Land rate will be doubled as Today. With the fastest Expansion and Increasing the Interest of Investing On land and Demand for the Land Increasing Drastically day to day. Assumed  3 Times Return On Land Value of You Invested.

Returns On Crop's

The Crops which We are Planting are Highly Demanding Products. The Red Sandalwood and Malabar Neem are Fastest Growing Plants which made Lakh’s of Farmers from Poor to Rich. We are Planting Only Highly Economically Profitable Crops with Few Fruit Variety of Plants



Feel the Magnificence of Nature Breeze, Fragrance of First Rain & a Sip of Tea in Winter. The Happiest House.  Starts from Rs. 5.5 Lakhs*


Enjoy the Nature & Bring your Childhood with Spending Vacation in Our Cottages. Village | Luxury. A Beautiful & Joyful Vacation. Starts Rs.9.99Lakhs


Get Lease from your Cottage & Farmhouse. Maintenance by Company, Lease it when you are Not in Vacation. No Blocking. You can Avail anytime*


Safe Investment

Guaranteed Number Of Plants

We Provide and Grow as many Plants that we promised in Each and Every Plot. If Death or Any Loss of Plant, We Quickly Replace the Plant with Same Aged Plant. FIXED NUMBER OF PLANTS

Guaranteed Returns

The Revenue Generated by selling Fruits will be shared for every 3-4 Months. The Sandalwood crop income will be shared after harvesting of the Crop. All the Revenues will be shared in the Ratio 50:50 Only.


Sri Gandham

Santalum album, or Indian sandalwood, is a small tropical tree, and the traditional source of sandalwood oil. It is native to southern India and Southeast Asia. It is considered sacred in some religions like Hinduism, and some cultures place great significance on its fragrant qualities. S. album has been the primary source of sandalwood and the derived oil. Due to its therapeutic and cosmetic value White Sandalwood is quite expensive. Minimum Selling price for White Sandalwood is Rs 22000 /kg 

Red Sandalwood

Red Sandalwood is the fragrant heartwood of species of genus Santalum (family –Santalaceae). In India, the genus is represented by Santalum album. Its wood, known commercially as “East Indian Sandalwood” and essential oil from it as “East Indian Sandalwood Oil” are among the oldest known perfumery materials. The Red sandal is highly demanded material in manufacturing of Cosmetics, soaps, Medicines etc..  Indian Red Sandalwood selling at Min Rs 1500/kilogram

Nature Avenues Club House


Club House, Swimming Pool, Parks, Children Play area, Parks, Indoor and Outdoor Games

Club House

A Magnificence and Luxury Club House with Facilities Like Gym, Yoga Centers etc.


Plot Every Plot Owner is a Proud Member Of Resort*. Get Now Free life Time Membership Free by Paying Rs. 29,999 (worth Rs. 60,000) 

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